Plan V is a jumper cable for your smartphone

Most smartphones can’t go more than a day on a charge. Sure, we’ve reached the point where most flagships won’t die before you climb into bed after a day of moderate use, but spend the day on the phone and things are a lot more uncertain. Many of us have learned to carry external battery packs, but those need to be charged regularly too and are easy to forget at home.

Enter Plan V, a Kickstarter project from Australia that aims to solve the problem of never having your external battery pack or charger when you need it the most.

The logic is that you don’t carry a spare battery for your car, you carry jumper or booster cables for the battery you have. Plan V fits on your keyring and is styled to look like a cute little alligator clip. In actuality it is a microUSB connector with a snap connector for a 9V battery. When you run out of juice, you just need to find a gas station, convenience store, or supermarket that sells 9V batteries. This is equivalent to roughly 800mAh of charge.

There’s no price for Plan V just yet, but the cheapest Kickstarter perk that yields a unit is $10 AUS. That’s just under $10 CAD, before you factor in the rolling cost of buying a 9V battery each time you’re in a bind.