Google Now is ready to control your Nest

Update: It’s live! Head to workswithnest.google.com for all the relevant details. Once you authorize your Google account, your Nest will respond to more than 35 different commands related to temperature changes, including requests starting with the words, “adjust,” “set,” “dial,” “change,” “switch,” “turn,” and more.

Google’s intelligent personal assistant can do a lot to improve your life and make the monotony of day-to-day life a little more convenient. From tracking your shipments to highlighting nearby attractions, reminding you where you parked your car, or serving up transit times to and from work, the service’s purpose is to anticipate your informational needs before they arise.

Google is adding more functionality all the time, and it sounds like Nest could be next. According to Droid-Life, requests made for Google Now to change or set the temperature on the Nest thermostat actually result in an attempt to execute said action. It doesn’t actually succeed, citing a need to authorize your Google account to work with Nest (once you try to do that, you’re redirected to a page that isn’t yet live), but it looks like the feature is almost ready for its debut.

Nest promised us the ability to control the temperature of our homes through Google Now earlier this year but has yet to provide an update on the timeline. Given the above, it can’t be too far away but it’s somewhat surprising that it’s taken this long to begin with. Nest launched its Learning Thermostat in 2011, and it was acquired by Google almost a year ago.