Shift for Android is a photo editing app that lets you customize and edit filters


Instagram recently added the ability to change the intensity of filters. It might not seems like a lot, but after using the same dozen or so filters for years, users welcomes the ability to take their favourite filters back a notch. Now another app is hoping to one-up Instagram by allowing users to edit the filters themselves.

Dubbed Shift, this application just debuted on the Play Store on Monday and allows you to choose different combinations of textures, colours, contrasts, light leaks and colour. Similar to Instagram, each component has a dedicated slider to control intensity. However, unlike Instagram, there’s a sort of save feature in the form of a favourite button. Once your done editing a specific filter, you can hit ‘Favourite’ and then go back to that specific customized filter whenever you want.

Shift is made by the same people that brought us prism-art photo editing app Fragment. It’s free right now on the Play Store and requires Android 4.1 and upwards to run.

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