Lenovo’s Dropcam lookalike hits the FCC

lenovo cloud camera

Smart homes are one of the greatest examples of the Internet of Things trend and how connected devices (beyond smartphones, tablets, and computers) can improve our lives. As a result, more companies are looking to this relatively new category as a potential source of revenue. Lenovo, it seems, is among them, and is set to announce a new connected camera.

Dubbed Lenovo Cloud Camera, the device just showed up in some confidential FCC documents. Because of its confidential status, block diagrams, the operation description, and schematics for this device are unavailable. All is not lost, though, for the filing also has photos, and those are viewable by the internet-using public.

The photos attached to the filing show what looks like a sleeker version of a Dropcam. The user manual’s specifications reveal that this camera packs an HD CMOS sensor with a wide-angle f/3.6 lens, an automatic infrared filter, a built-in microphone and speaker, and the ability to capture both audio and video. A companion app allows you to log in using your phone number and a password to view a real-time camera feed, add extra cameras, remove camera feeds, and take screenshots. You’ll also be able to view feeds from other cameras marked public.

No word on when this camera will be available but we wouldn’t be surprised if Lenovo brought the Cloud Camera to CES, where IoT, wearables, and smart cars are expected to be the top trends. Presumably we’ll hear about availability once the official announcement is made, but the Channel Statement included in the FCC filing does mention that “the frequency selection feature is disabled by firmware for devices marketed to the US/Canada,” so we’re pretty confident this device will eventually make its way to the Great White North.