HTC adds YouTube livestreaming to portabale RE Camera

HTC has added a crucial software component to its impressive-yet-confusing RE Camera this week, YouTube livestreaming.

The diminutive, not-quite-an-action camera was released in early December in Canada, and extends HTC’s product strategy into new categories. While we didn’t love the low-light photo quality, and had issues with early builds of the software, HTC has done a great job constantly improving both aspects.

Today, the company announced a new version of its firmware that will allow Android (and later, iOS) users to livestream video to a YouTube account. While a smartphone is still needed for the cellular portion — the RE Camera connects to a smartphone via WiFi Direct — being able to push to YouTube any time, anywhere with a data connection is quite impressive.

The update will roll out to Android users beginning tomorrow, January 9th, and to iOS users sometime in Q1. The feature comes as the GoPro competitor space heats up with every company seemingly wanting to get in on the action camera fun. That the RE Camera is waterproof and fairly versatile (though not to the same extent as the new GoPro Hero 4 series) but the smallish battery will likely be heavily impacted by hours of livestreaming. We’ll have to put it to the test.

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