You can now sync teams, players and alerts across devices on theScore’s mobile apps


Unlike most buzzwords, “Personalization” seems to be one that has no expiry date. Several years after it came in to vogue, app developers and brands are still eager to tout how their apps are personalized experiences.

Case in point: on Tuesday, theScore updated its flagship sports app to include the option to sign up for an account, and then went to say how the addition makes its already excellent app “even more personal”.

Thankfully, in this case the app is actually better for it.

According to company, opting to sign up for an account has two main advantages. First, it makes it possible to sync alert settings and your favourite leagues, teams and players across iOS and Android devices; second, if you decide to install the app on a new device, those preferences will be carried over without any fuss.

theScoreIn addition, the app is now better integrated with Facebook. Once you’ve granted it access to your Facebook account, it will take a look at your likes and location to generate better suggestions on teams and players to follow.

It appears that both features have yet to make it to the company’s eSports app, though it was updated last week with greater Dota 2 support.

Download theScore app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.