Nexus 6P launch delayed until November 2 in Canada [Update]

Update, October 15th: A Rogers representative has confirmed to MobileSyrup that the Nexus 6P will be delayed until November 2nd.

The issue noted below affects all Nexus 6P inventory in Canada, from both the carrier and Google Store. However, as noted below, delivery dates for Nexus 6P devices bought from the Google Store range anywhere from October 29th to mid-November. We’ll have to wait until delivery notices go out whether Google can get online orders to awaiting customers before November 2nd.

Update – October 27th: Telus has listed the Nexus 6P on its site with the release date of November 2nd. No indication of pricing.

Bad news for Canadians looking to get their hands on the Nexus 6P. Due to supply issues, Huawei and Google have together decided to delay the Canadian launch of the flagship Nexus device until November 2nd, a week after it was initially supposed to go on sale.

An internal Bell note made available to MobileSyrup indicates that while shipping to dealers and corporate stores will begin on October 23rd, the device will not go on sale until November 2nd, to ensure sufficient quantities.


The move explains the sudden removal of the Nexus 6P from the Google Store this past weekend. Customers that were able to place orders for the device through Google are seeing delivery times of between Thursday, October 29th and Thursday, November 5th.

It’s unclear whether the delay affects other carriers such as Rogers and Telus that plan to offer the Nexus 6P, but the wording of the internal document suggests that this is a Canada-wide delay. We’ve reached out to other carriers to determine the veracity of the note.


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