Elections Canada clarifies what photos are allowed at the voting booth

If they haven’t already, individuals from across this country will soon take to their local polling stations to decide Canada’s next ruling party and prime minister. It’s a momentous occasion, especially for those for whom it’s their first time voting. So it’s not surprising that so many have taken to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to post voting-themed selfies, even when some of them may be against the rules.

Elections Canada took to Twitter today to remind everyone that you’re not allowed to take a photo while inside of a polling station. Moreover, it’s against this country’s voting laws to take a photo of a completed ballot.

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But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a selfie to mark the occasion — just follow these tips when you do so.

1) Scientific studies have shown that photos that show cute animals are automatically better, even if they not framed or exposed properly. See exhibits one and two.

2) A great smile and the presence of a good friend or significant other is a sure way to up one’s selfie game.

Running into friends while voting makes voting even cooler. #Voting #HeyVoting #GoVote #Canada

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First time voting #Canada #Canadian #elections #elections2015 #voting #voted #democratic #democracy #politics #elxn42

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3) Lastly, it bears repeating, but for the love of all that’s holy, don’t take a picture of a completed ballot.

[source] Elections Canada, Image Credit [/source]