New Google Chrome update brings iOS 9 Split View, Picture-in-Picture and Slide Over to iPad


Thanks to a recent update, the iPad version of Google Chrome is now compatible with iOS 9’s Split View and Picture-in-Picture mode.

Released today, Google Chrome (build 46.0.2490.73) also features a variety of other updates including support for right-to-left languages and a plethora of minor bug fixes.

Picture-in-Picture mode allows users to shrink videos playing in Chrome while continuing to use other apps, and Split View cuts the iPad’s screen in half so two apps to run simultaneously. Slide Over, a feature that lets users pull Chrome across compatible apps, has also been added to the iPad version of Google’s browser.

Since the release of iOS 9 a few weeks ago, increasing numbers of applications are beginning to adopt multitasking, although Google’s suite of apps have been slow to adopt the features.

Split View is only supported on the iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2 and upcoming iPad Pro, however older iPads are compatible with Slide Over and Pictures-in-Picture mode.

Download Google Chrome for iPad.