Apple TV (4th Gen) now available to order in Canada starting at $199

The fourth-generation Apple TV is now available to order, Canadians having to spend a little more than their US counterparts to get the new set-top box complete with a faster A8 processor and the company’s App Store.

Delivering to Canadians within three to five days, according to Apple’s website, Canadians can purchase the 32GB Apple TV for $199 CAD, and the 64GB version for $269. (The US prices are $149 and $199 respectively.)

While the new Apple TV is significantly more expensive than the company’s previous efforts, the third-generation of which still available for $89 for those who just want access to a small number of apps and services, it features a redesigned chassis and touch-enabled remote that promises to make for a qualitative upgrade in experience.

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The new Apple TV features more storage which can be used to download apps and games, many which will be available on launch day, according to the company. Popular mobile games like Crossy Road were teased at the company’s keynote back in September, with more console-like titles coming soon. Similarly, developers like Plex have pledged to submit apps to the Apple TV App Store, providing additional functionality beyond the stock apps found on previous versions of the set-top box.

And while the device doesn’t support 4K video streaming, something competitors like Roku and Amazon will probably pounce on in their marketing materials, the new version adds Siri support to the remote, so users can speak to initiate commands. It also brings a new operating system, tvOS, based on iOS 9, allowing for much more complex interactions than before.

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Finally, the new Apple TV offers gamepad support, a feature many users have been waiting for. The first of which is the Nimbus Steelseries, which is shipping for $64.95 from Apple.

The new Apple TV does not ship with an HDMI cable, which can be purchased for $25 from Apple’s site, or for much, much less from Amazon. Apple is also providing an AppleCare protection plan for the new set-top box for $29, which includes two years of replacement support and two years of phone-based technical support.

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