Google teams with Asus for a router it wants you to show off


Google today announced a new entry in its OnHub router line, this one created in partnership with smartphone and PC manufacturer Asus.

The company’s first OnHub router released in August and was manufactured by TP-Link. Both devices aim to make the concept of a home router more accessible, but the new Asus OnHub router also includes a number of new features.

Among those new additions is the ability for the user to wave their hand over the router in order to prioritize another device’s Wi-Fi connection through a new feature called Wave Control. For example, if someone is streaming a movie while downloading content on another device, a simple hand wave over the Asus OnHub will prioritize one of these connections.

Similar to the first OnHub router, Asus’ version features a slick design clearly indicating Google and Asus want their router to be kept in the open, improving Wi-Fi signal quality in the process.

Similar to Google’s TP-Link made OnHub model, the Asus version is controlled entirely though Google’s dedicated Google On app, avoiding the need to access confusing local router settings.

Asus’ OnHub features similar technical specifications to the already released TP-Link model and includes the same storage and ports, one LAN plug and a single USB 3.0 port. It also supports 802.11ac Wi-fi and 5GHz networks.

Google also plans to rollout the first software update for its TP-Link OnHub featuring a new smart antenna algorithm that automatically detects what combination of antennas works best for each Wi-Fi device in your home.

The TP-Link OnHub router sells for $269 CAD. Official Canadian pricing and a release date has not been revealed for the ASUS OnHub router but we will update this story with that information when it is released.

The Asus OnHub router is priced at US$219.

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