Instagram tests out curated video stream for Halloween

Halloween is one of the most common times of year for brands and individuals to try to up their social media game. As video becomes a more critical tool for media companies, everybody is looking to do something a little different to stand out. One of the best social networks to really showcase the amazing diversity of Halloween is Instagram, and this year they pulled out all the stops.

Starting this past Saturday afternoon, Instagram is launching a curated video channel, which you can find in the explore tab. The goal for this channel is to be able to surface the best videos from around Instagram and provide a unique video experience to users. Beginning with Halloween, the channel will be dedicated to a stream of video content around holidays, news stories, and even festivals, similar to the ‘live’ tab on Snapchat.

The future of news in social media seems to be moving towards more visual content, and so image heavy apps like Instagram are positioned to hold an increasingly important role in seeing what’s happening live around the world. If this Halloween’s test proved successful for the company, we will surely see the video stream again very soon.