1.39 billion people use Facebook every month from a mobile device

Facebook reported its Q3 2015 earnings results today, which saw the largest social network in the world bring in $4.5 billion in revenue at $0.57 earnings per share.

The company reached a milestone with 1.55 billion monthly users, which is an increase of 14 percent year-over-year. Daily active users on the network also jumped by 17 percent to 1.01 billion people around the world.

Mobile seems to be where the love for Facebook resides. According to its financial report, 894 million people use Facebook on a daily basis from a mobile device, and 1.39 billion every month, representing 89.67 percent of the network’s total user base. Over 720 million customers access Facebook exclusively from a mobile device, too.

Mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 78 percent of advertising revenue in Q3 ($3.51 billion), up from 66% from the same period last year. Facebook also has $1.41 billion available in cash on hand.


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, stated, “We had a good quarter and got a lot done. We’re focused on innovating and investing for the long term to serve our community and connect the entire world.”

During the past three months Facebook announced M, its personal assistant for Messenger, a live streaming platform for celebrities, Instant Articles, and most importantly added seven “reaction” emojis.