The Co-operators is putting a plan together to combat distracted driving in 2016

Following the launch of its One Tap app, which was built by AppColony, The Co-operators, a Canadian insurance company, announced today that it’s making a commitment to reduce distracted driving on our roads.

As part of its Drive Out Distraction program, a new partnership has been formed with the Canadian Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) that will see them assist in research and help educated Canadians about the impact of distracted driving.Together, the companies will create a “public online repository of data, information and resources” that anyone interested in the topic can use.

Probably the best news to come out of this partnership is the goal of developing a “national evidence-informed, comprehensive action plan to combat distracted driving in 2016.” Hopefully, this plan, in addition to the recent increase in fines for those caught distracted driving, will encourage Canadians to wise up on the roads.

Kathy Bardswick, president and CEO of The Co-operators, said, “As an insurer of more than one million vehicles, we see first-hand the devastating effects of traffic injuries and fatalities on the lives of our clients. Distracted driving is a contributing factor in one of every four major injury crashes. We are determined to make a difference by working to change behaviour around distracted driving to make our roads and communities safer for everyone.”

A report by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation recently suggested if current collision trends continue, fatalities from distracted driving will soon exceed those from drinking and driving.