Saskatchewan police saw an increase in distracted driving related tickets in October

Saskatchewan drivers continue to disobey the law and use their mobile device behind the wheel.

The Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is reporting an increased number of distracted driving related tickets in the month of October. A blitz by the Saskatchewan police called “Heads Up,” which was looking for ways to educate the public on the dangers of distracted driving, revealed a total of 445 tickets were issued. Fifty-five percent, representing 246 tickets, were specifically for those using a cellphone while driving. The other offences were for such activities as driving a vehicle without consideration, stunting, and racing.


“Drivers are reminded to keep their Heads Up while driving and their eyes on the road. Limit distractions in the vehicle and keep cellphones out of sight so you’re not tempted to take or make a call or text,” said SGI.

The fine for those caught using their mobile devices while driving — talking, texting, accessing the internet — is $280 and four demerit points.

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