OnePlus offers refunds to anyone who bought its USB Type-C cable to charge another phone

OnePlus USB Type C

Following the news that some USB Type-C cables may be unsafe to use with devices like the Nexus 5X and 6P, OnePlus has said it has looked into the situation and is willing to offer a refund to anyone that bought its cable thinking they could use it with Google’s devices.

In a post penned by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, the company acknowledges, despite earlier claims, that its cable and adapter may not be suitable to use with USB Type-C equipped devices other than the OnePlus 2.

According to Pei, both the company’s cable and power cable use 10kΩ resistors to regulate the flow of electricity that passes through them. The USB Type-C standard, unfortunately, calls for the use of 56kΩ resistors. In some cases, devices that are capable of taking advantage of quick charging may draw more power than their power source is built to allow when using a OnePlus cable, leading to a situation where the device can be damaged.

To make amends, the company is offering a refund to anyone that purchased one of its cables for use with a device other than the OnePlus 2. To apply for a refund, visit this webpage and fill out the accompanying form. If OnePlus approves your application, the company will send you a refund directly via PayPal.

Pei ends his post by noting that OnePlus is working on a new version of its USB Type-C cable and adapter that use the proper 56kΩ resistors.