Replacing the BlackBerry Priv’s display is simple and easy

BlackBerry Priv

In an interesting twist, BlackBerry’s new Android smartphone, the Priv, features a screen that’s easily replaceable.

A new teardown video from JerryRigsEverything (the same YouTuber who started the #bendgate controversy surrounding the Nexus 6P a few weeks ago) shows off how simple it is to replace the BlackBerry Priv’s display.

According to the video, the Priv’s screen can be totally removed in just over 5 minutes. When the glue is heated on both sizes of the Priv it becomes malleable and a thin object like a credit card or business card can be slid in between the body of the smartphone and its display. Next, disconnect the screen from a tiny port on the Priv’s back and it’s been removed from the smartphone.

There’s no need to remove the smartphone back cover, motherboard or even really take it apart at all.

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