Facebook shuts down Slingshot, Rooms and Riff apps


Not to be outdone by Dropbox, social media giant Facebook has gone ahead and shut down several of its own underperforming apps.

As of today, Slingshot, Rooms and Riff are no longer available to download from app marketplaces like the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

You’ll be forgiven if only Rooms rings a bell, as neither Slingshot nor Riff ever made it to Canada. The former was a Snapchat-like messaging app, while the latter was a collaborative video editing app.

In an interview with CNET, a Facebook spokesperson told the website said that of the features found in Slingshot, Rooms and Riff have already been integrated into the company’s more successful apps like Messenger.

Facebook also shuttered its Creative Labs division, the small, startup-like branch of the company that was responsible for the creation of Slingshot and several other initiatives.