Former BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins accused of mismanaging another company

Thorsten Heins

It appears our good friend Thorsten Heins is once again the subject of scrutiny.

According to legal documents obtained by CNET, three board members from Powermat Technologies, where Heins is currently acting as Chief Executive Officer, claim the former BlackBerry CEO is running the company without an approved budget and moving it toward insolvency.

For its part, Powermat has called the claims “deficient, biased, distorted and deceptive.” Heins didn’t take too kindly to the negative characterization of the work he’s done as Powermat’s CEO, either. “It is clear that the accusations the petitioners are making against me and my management team are baseless,” he said via an affidavit.

Adding to the intrigue is the fact Powermat’s founder and former CEO, Ran Poliakine, is one of the board members leading the suit against Heins. In 2014, bending to investor pressure, Poliakine agreed to step down from the CEO position. It was then that Heins was appointed Powermat’s new chief executive officer, coming off a 22-month stint as BlackBerry CEO.

Powermat produces public inductive wireless stations for mobile devices. While not a fixture in Canada, with a series of partnerships involving companies like Starbucks and General Motors, Powermat’s charging stations have started to gain a foothold in U.S. However, with devices like the iPhone not supporting wireless charging at all, the tech hasn’t grown as quickly as it might have.