SaskTel customers can now watch CraveTV through their cable box


Starting today, SaskTel customers who are subscribed to the company’s cable service can access CraveTV, Bell’s on-demand video streaming service, via channel 301 and through the TV on Demand tab on their maxTV cable box.

Adding the service — which features content from HBO, including the cable company’s old TV shows like The Wire and The Sopranos — currently costs $4 a month.

CraveTV is set to become available to all Canadians, not just those whom are subscribed to cable service providers like Bell, Telus, Eastlink and SaskTel, on January 1. The cost to access the video on-demand service is also set to increase for Bell subscribers to $6 per month, bringing it closer in terms of price to main competitor Netflix, on the first day of February. It’s currently not clear if non-Bell subscribers will also have to pay more for the service.