Facebook will soon let you order a Uber ride from its Messenger app

Messenger Uber

It turns out M, Facebook’s take on the personal assistant, is only one of the ways Mark Zuckerberg and company hope to keep users engaged with Facebook Messenger.

The social network giant announced a new feature for Messenger called Transportation on Messenger. Launching in the U.S. first and with Uber as the initial (and currently sole) transportation partner, the functionality allows Messenger users to request a car ride without ever leaving the chat app. In the current version of Messenger, accessing this functionality is done by tapping the more menu and then selecting the choose transportation option. One of the nifty features here is that your Facebook friends can keep track of you on a map.

As mentioned, Facebook is currently testing this functionality in the United States. The company says it plans to launch the service in other countries in the future, though doesn’t mention Canada specifically. It also says it’s planning to add other partners.