Report says Apple is working on high-resolution audio streaming via Lightning

Streaming various types of media is becoming an increasingly popular activity for many smartphone users. Every manufacturer aims to set its devices apart from the competition in one way or another, leveraging strengths and playing to their device’s advantage. However, music seems to be one area where smartphones have so far been unable to set themselves apart (see Beats audio technology in HTC phones).

It’s only been couple of weeks since reports surfaced that Apple is planning to drop the 3.5 mm audio jack from its next iPhone. And now rumours sourced from Japanese site Macotakara indicate that this will couple with the introduction of high-resolution audio streaming via Apple Music. The new service will stream with higher fidelity that can only be attained through analog audio, taking advantage of Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector, and more than likely, incorporating Beats technology.

Since the 3.5 mm audio jack is already capable of replicating CD quality audio, odds are slim that Apple plans to tout the increased technical improvements of higher-quality sound. It’s more likely that other benefits, such as lower noise, or richer sound achieved with the help of Beats, will be the focus of Apple’s rumoured high-resolution music strategy.

While there is a certain appeal for many to listen to better sounding music, many other companies have tried and failed to sell that experience. There’s also the fact that aside from audiophiles or professionals using the right hardware, it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between CD and better-than-CD quality audio.

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