Mobile Game of the Week: Hop Shot – jump your way to a high score

hop shot

Vancouver-based video game developer Chris Savory’s Hop Shot is a significant change in direction from his previous titles: Swap Heroes, Swap Heroes 2 and Swap Cops.

Hop Shot, a game that’s a co-production between his studio and Fish Logic, has players launching various cute characters between lilypads with pinpoint accuracy.

Tapping behind each platform sets the angle of the character’s jump, and holding down moves the aimer – a floating X – where the player needs to land.

The goal of the game is to not fall in the water, as well as to build up a high score. Like all simple mobile titles worth playing, Hop Shot’s gameplay is deceptively simple and highly addictive, particularly if you start competing for high scores with friends, or aim for double jumps, skipping multiple landing pads for extra points.

Hop Shot is free-to-play, with a $5.49 fee to remove ads from the game (which also comes with 1,500 coins). Like most free-to-play games, retries are purchased with coins, which can either be purchased with realworld money, or by landing on in-game floating coins.

hop jump

As long as you play the game in short bursts, and grab at least a few coins per try, running out of coins is almost impossible. Coins can also be used to unlock new characters, though, new in-game avatars don’t change how the game actually plays.

If you’re on the hunt for a simple, pick-up-and play mobile title, Hop Shot is definitely worth a look.

Hop Shot is available on iOS for free.