Game of the Week: Hatoful Boyfriend – Yes, this game lets you date pigeons


No, you didn’t read this headline incorrectly. Hatoful Boyfriend really is a pigeon dating simulator that started as a flash game April Fools’ joke, before evolving into an actual video game.

The game, which originally launched on PC, is now available on iOS, bringing pigeon dating action to Apple’s smartphone.

In developer Mediatonic’s game, players take on the role of the only female human left alive in a post-apocalyptic world. Players meet a host of colourful feathered suitors while attending class and wooing various dates.

Decisions players make over the course of the game result in them spending more time with specific pigeons, in the process, increasing the possibility of building a relationship with them.

While an incredibly bizarre concept, there is an endearing weirdness to the experience that makes experience Hatoful Boyfriend worthwhile (there are also some poignant moments plot wise).


If you’re not fond of text-based games, however, Hatoful Boyfriend isn’t for you as the entire experience unfolds via writing (think classic adventure games but without the puzzle elements).

Also, everybirdy should date the rich pigeon.

Hatoful Boyfriend is currently $4.99 on the Canadian App Store. It’s unclear if the game is also set to come to Android at some point in the future.