Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Xbox is real and packs 6 teraflops of power

project scorpio

It seems the rumours surrounding Microsoft’s plan to release a new, significantly upgraded Xbox in 2017 are completely true.

At the company’s E3 2016 keynote, Microsoft announced that it plans to release a new version of the Xbox optimized for 4K gaming and high-quality virtual reality visuals, right out of the box. The new system will launch in holiday 2017 and according to Microsoft, all accessories for Project Scorpio will be compatible across the original Xbox One, Xbox One S – a smaller, 4K video playback capable Xbox One also revealed today – and Project Scorpio.

In order to emphasize that it has significant third-party developer backing for Scorpio, Microsoft showed a montage of developers discussing the console’s powerful specs, including 4K resolution 6 teraflops of GPU power and its “VR ready” functionality. Interestingly, Microsoft did not mention Oculus by name when discussing VR, though the two companies announced a partnership at E3 2015.

There’s no word on pricing yet but speculation indicates the final cost could fall in the $1,000 range. Sony reportedly has plans to reveal an upgrade PlayStation 4 console called PS4 Neo at E3 this year as well.

While it’s still not completely clear, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 generation of consoles is poised to be one of the video game console industry’s shortest. The decision to launch incremental consoles also marks a significant shift in the console industry towards a more PC-like model.

Image credit: Xbox Wire

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