Go after the biggest game of all with Big Hunter: Mammoth [Game of the Week]

Ever have the urge to get back to your primal roots and just toss a spear at something?

Big Hunter: Mammoth gives you that experience in mobile form, throwing the player into an alternate world where you play as a tribe leader facing down a gigantic mammoth with only a spear in hand.

Some of the wording and design could be interpreted as slightly offensive, so my first recommendation when it comes to the game is to rush through the intro and get straight to the engrossing physics-based gameplay. The main goal is simple: arch the trajectory of the spear at a charging and rearing mammoth’s head in order to defeat it.

big hunter mammoth

In practice, however, it’s a fairly challenging task, as the mammoth is a moving target that can deflect spears with its tusks. More often than not, it manages to gorge you before you’ve sunk enough spears into its cranium to extinguish its life.

If you dodge wisely in between throws and have a good sense of trajectories, however, the kills make this game an exceedingly satisfying pocket version of big game hunting.

Big Hunter: Mammoth is available for both iOS and Android.