Learn how to do almost anything with TinyCards [App of the Week]

Ever wanted to memorize all the Pokemon that exist? Or learn about the basic bone structure of the human body?

With TinyCards, a new app from the team behind the language learning app Duolingo, you can do both — among a great many other options. The idea behind the app is a kind of social network for flash card education where users make their own decks to share with the general community.

Those decks are also supplemented by TinyCards base offerings: Duolingo language cards, TinyHistory, TinyScience, TinyGeo and Chineasy (cards for learning Chinese courtesy of the popular app).

tinycards quiz


Having recently launched in July 2016, the app’s community hasn’t matured enough to contain a completely comprehensive range of user-generated flashcard offerings yet, but for the time it’s been active there’s a surprising amount, on subjects from art history to the Chinese zodiac.

What’s more, the app uses the same algorithms for customized individual learning that made Duolingo so popular. This means the app repeats cards you faltered on, offering different modes of identification, and passes through the ones you’re having success with in a way that makes the learning process feel seamless.

The learning aspect of the app is only one half of its value, however. There’s also the intriguing element of being able to pass on your knowledge by building a card deck in your area of expertise.


The layout of the app is simple and streamlined. The main screen has two top toggles, ‘Your Stream,’ which shows flashcard decks based on interests you identify at setup, and ‘Trending,’ which contains popular flashcard decks. At the bottom, there’s sections for search, favourited decks, and your own profile, where you can begin building your own decks.

Now the question is, what are you an expert in? Famous cats? Types of pickles? For the time being, at least, there’s still lots of space to become an expert in your chosen domain on TinyCards.

The app is freely available on iOS and has not yet launched on Android.