Niantic’s CEO drops hints about the future of Pokémon Go at Comic-con

At Comic-Con in San Diego on Sunday, John Hanke, Niantic’s CEO and one of the key creative visionaries behind Pokémon Go, discussed his studios’ plans for the game’s future, alluding to a comprehensive update strategy. Unfortunately, contrary to rumours leading up to the event, the first legendary Pokémon did not launch during the Comic-con panel.

In a conversation with Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick during Pokémon Go’s San Diego Comic-con panel, Hanke revealed plans to ensure the game’s servers become more stable, the addition of a trading system, and even alluded to the possibility of some Pokéstops turning into Pokémon Centers, giving players an easy way to heal their Pokémon.

Hanke also says that rare Pokémon are coming to the game given the fact that only 145 out of the original generation’s 151 creatures can currently be found in the game. He did not, however, reveal when Pokémon like Zapados, Moltres or Articuno will come to the augmented reality Pokémon game, though he did allude to the fact that player’s teams will play a more significant role in the game moving forward.