The man behind the MacBook Air is now overseeing Apple’s self-driving electric car project

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has selected esteemed, semi-retired senior executive Bob Mansfield to oversee the development of “Project Titan,” the autonomous electric car project Elon Musk calls an “open secret.

WSJ notes that “earlier this month, employees at Apple noticed in the company directory that all the senior managers on the car project were now reporting to Mr. Mansfield.”

Mansfield, who first joined Apple in 1999, is highly-respected within the company for having led the hardware development of products including the MacBook Air, iMac and iPad. More recently, he played a role in the production of the Apple Watch.

Mansfield officially left the executive team in 2013, but has since remained to work on special projects and advise. 

[source]Wall Street Journal[/source]