Dots & Co lets you connect the dots [Game of the week]

Dots & Co

For this edition of Game of the Week we have something that will be familiar to anyone who has played Bejeweled.

Dots & Co is the third entry in the Dots series. Essentially a connect the dots game, each new stage tasks players with clearing a number of different coloured dots to complete the level. How developer Dots manages to make the experience hard to put is down by constantly adding new twists to the game’s core mechanics.

For instance, connect four dots in to a square and all other dots of the same colour currently in play will also disappear from the level, leading to new opportunities with the other dots on the board. Then there are the triangles and white dots that come in to play later in the game. The former help power up a non-player companion who will, once fully charged, clear all the dots of a single colour, while the latter can be used in conjunction with dots of one other colour to open up new moves.

What helps further set apart this entry in the series from its predecessors is its fit and polish. Charming, clean and vibrant art is on showcase throughout Dots & Co. Moreover, with 155 levels at launch, and more to come in future updates, there’s a lot of content here to work through.

The one issue with the game — and it’s a familiar one — is how its in-app purchases work.

Some of the game’s more fun power-ups require tokens to use, which cost real-world money to acquire. Each time the game introduces one of its cool power ups, only to then reveal how much they cost to use, it’s a buzzkill.

In addition, Dots & Co has energy system that limits your playtime. It takes three energy points to attempt a level, which is not an issue if you manage to get a high score as you’ll get three energy points back, but if you barely manage to complete said level, then you’ll either have to wait before you regenerate the necessary points needed to attempt a level or pay to get new ones.

Still, Dots & Co is a fun diversion. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.