Blow up planets in Atomic Super Lander [Game of the Week]

Crescent Moon and Bit Weird’s Atomic Super Lander is a mix of various genres that shouldn’t work on mobile, but somehow manage to combine to create a compelling experience, surprisingly entertaining experience.


The game is part action platformer, with a dash of classic rogue-like and arcade-style flying action, all mixed together into a quirky game. Giant asteroids are headed towards the earth and it’s up to you to stop their approach by blowing them up with a nuclear weapon. If this sounds like the plot of Armageddon featuring Bruce Willis, you’re not wrong.

You’re dropped into orbit around each asteroid and your goal is to maneuver your ship to the surface like a lunar lander. Once you’ve landed, you hop out and it’s time to look for the asteroids weak point. Once this location has been found you plant your nuke, arm the device and head back to your ship. You then blow up the asteroid with the atomic weapon from a safe distance.

Atomic Super Lander

If you take too much damage you’ll die and each stage gets progressively more difficult. The overall goal is to get the highest score you can destroying as many as asteroids as possible before time runs out.

Atomic Super Lander is available on iOS for $2.99. The game unfortunately is not available on the Google Play Store.