Nintendo Switch pre-orders now live in Canada for $399.99 [Update]

During the Switch keynote presentation in Tokyo, Japan, Nintendo officially announced a release date and pricing for its next video game console.

The portable gaming console will be available in Canada on March 3rd for $399 through most retailers, including Best Buy, EBGames, and Amazon Canada.

There is no indication as to the number of units Nintendo will have available in Canada, though it’s a safe bet initial stock will be limited and in demand.

Switch is a handheld hybrid device that’s powered by Nvidia mobile GPU technology. It docks with a specially designed docking station to connect to a TV and become a traditional home console.

Update 01/13/17 2:17pm: Amazon Canada briefly opened up pre-orders for the Switch but within 10 minutes the consoles were sold out.

Update 01/13/17 6:10pm: Best Buy is once again sold out. They have also confirmed the March 3rd date.

Update 01/13/17 2:12pm Nintendo Switch orders are now back in stock at Best Buy Canada, shipping confirmed for March 3rd.

Update 01/13/17 9:22pm: Switch pre-orders are sold out at Best Buy and EB Games in Canada.

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