Telus registers Digital City trademark to expand IoT focus

Telus Digital city

Telus launched its IoT Marketplace in 2014 to help Canadian businesses accelerate the adoption of Internet of Things.

The carrier has progressively made strides across Canada that encourages companies to be smarter and more connected, specifically in transportation with geolocation for trucks, in retail wireless POS in retail, and by also offering managed Wi-Fi and digital signage options.

It now seems that Telus is set to expand its IoT presence with a new software program that works with the governments as it has registered the trademarks with CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office) for “Telus Digital City” and “Ville Numerique Telus.”

According to the description of the filing, Telus notes the Digital City is the following:

“software platform in the field of municipal and local government, namely providing data analytics and business intelligence services; monitoring, analyzing, measuring and reporting municipal trends, namely vehicle and pedestrian traffic services; budget planning and forecasting services; vehicle information and monitoring services; water leak detection and water management services; asset management; and enabling integration with other third party platform and solutions.”

There was no indication as to when Digital City will come to life in Telus’ trademark filing

Source: CIPO