New Sony Playstation VR patent outlines HTC Vive-like tech

PlayStation VR headset

The PlayStation VR may be the least immersive headset due to its more affordable tech, but a recent patent suggests that Sony is looking to improve the PSVR’s functionality with HTC Vive-like room-scale technology.

Essentially, the document outlines a Vive-like beam projector that uses lights and mirrors to create a device tracking play area. In comparison, the PS VR currently employs a built-in system that tracks the player using lights from the headset and the PlayStation Camera, which in turn offers limited mobility and functionality.

It’s unclear if the patented tech is intended for use with current PS VR headsets, or in a future iteration of the hardware.

PlayStation VR has experienced stock issues since its launch in October 2016, leading Sony to release additional bundles earlier this month.