Find the funny pages in your DMs with ComicBot [Bot of the Week]

comicbot facebook messenger

What’s the best part of a newspaper? The comics, of course — but unfortunately, there aren’t enough, and you can’t demand that more just magically appear.

Facebook Messenger chatbot ComicBot creates the ideal solution to this pressing issue by delivering popular web comics straight to your inbox, bringing together the best of old and new media.

The bot allows you to browse a virtual library of web comics that currently numbers 16 different publications, including XKCD, Oatmeal and Poorly Drawn Lines. If none are comics you’re interested in, you can also keep tabs on the bot’s offerings by selecting ‘Enable comic alerts.’ The alerts will keep you posted whenever a new comic is added to collection.

comicbot facebook messenger

Under each of its comic offerings, users can choose from three options: read the latest strip on offer, visit the site where it’s published or subscribe to that comic so that the next time an issue is published, it’s delivered directly to your inbox.

Whether using it as an occasional distraction or a regularly updated source of entertainment, ComicBot joins the ranks of simple but helpful bots that just work.

Get chatting with the bot via Facebook Messenger here.