Straight lines are so yesterday with Squigglish [App of the week]

At first glance, it might seem like the app Squigglish simply animates static images by adding motion to otherwise straight lines.

While it might seem like your images are dancing in place after putting them through the Squigglish treatment, in reality, they’re employing an animation effect called squigglevision.

Squigglish Screenshot

Squigglevision involves drawing the same image several times and looping the drawings together to create movement. Squigglish is an app that makes this effect achievable for anyone, and was developed by mathematician Olivia Walch.

This app is perfect for the casual doodler, who wants to add some wiggle to their drawings. Not only can users save their doodles as GIFs to their devices, but they can take pictures of the world around them and draw over them to create animated versions of their surroundings.

All in all however, Squigglish is a great way to pass the time, and a way to add some wiggle to your everyday life.

Download Squigglish for free on the App Store and an Android version is coming shortly.