DJI helps launch Node, the first drone pilots advocacy group in Canada

drone restrictions canada

Nowadays, if you can dream it, there’s an advocacy group for it.

Following the recently released regulations surrounding the use of drones in Canada, drone photography leader DJI has launched the drone advocacy group NODE (Network of Drone Enthusiasts).

Canada’s new regulations state that drone flights are prohibited closer than 75 meters from buildings, structures, vehicles, animals and people, or within nine kilometers of any type of airport, without any provision for airport permission, or at night. 

However, Canada is just one among many nations that are taking steps towards regulating drone use in their regions.

Node is designed to advocate for the interests of responsible drone pilots in the U.S. and in Canada. The goal of this group and its affiliate organizations is to work with legislators to “encourage drone use while protecting public safety.” 

Node currently has active campaigns in Michigan, Florida and California and West Virginia.

Source: NODE