Goodale commends new CRTC mandate to create national wireless public alert system

CRTC sign

Last week that the CRTC directed wireless service providers to implement a national public alerting system designed to notify mobile devices of federal, provincial and regional emergencies. Now, Ralph Goodale, the Federal Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, has publicly expressed his support for the decision.

Goodale has issued a statement regarding the incoming policy, welcoming the new wireless public alerting system and further elaborating its rollout strategy.

“The Government of Canada commends the CRTC for recommending that wireless public alerting in Canada align with the recommendations submitted by Senior Officials Responsible for Emergency Management, which is made up of emergency management officials across federal, provincial and territorial levels.  This approach is also consistent with internationally recognized standards, including recently developed Canadian standards for wireless public alerting. Furthermore, it aligns Canada’s efforts with our partners in the United States.” said Goodale.

Goodale also mentions that the new public alert system will be bilingual and that “there is still much work to be done” on it. He ends his statement by emphasizing the overarching purpose of wireless public alerts.

“Together, we are committed to ensuring that Canadians have the critical information they need in emergencies, as quickly as possible, to take necessary precautions,” said Goodale.

Currently there is still no word on when the wireless public alerts will arrive, however, we do know that all Canadian carrier with LTE-connected networks will have the system in place by April 2018 per the CRTC’s new mandate.