Surmesur Quebecois menswear boutique uses AR to help customers design their own clothing

Surmesur AR technology

Surmesur, a Canadian menswear boutique, has implemented augmented reality (AR) technology that overlaps computer generated images into the real world to help customers design their own clothing.

The menswear company, established in 2010 in Quebec, uses its own software and Google’s Tango technology to help customers ‘see’ the clothing they’re designing.

Shirts, suits, overcoats and more can be designed in real time and be placed on a 3D avatar. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, customers can choose from 8,000 different fabrics to choose from and can design each specific component of their clothing such as their collars or cuffs, while also having the ability to rotate the avatar in 360-degrees to view from all angles and zoom in on the details of the clothing.

Shirts start at $75 CAD and can get quite costly from there. Before you can custom create your own clothing, associates at Surmesur have to take your measurements at one of its 12 stores in either Ontario or Quebec or one of the company’s two American stores in Pittsburgh or Chicago.

Technology is a big part of the company Francois Theriault, co-founder of Surmesur said in an interview with the Post-Gazette, “the DNA of our company is the technology.”

The Quebec company focuses on creating and making clothing your own, “it’s all about the customization,” said Vincent Theriault the other co-founder of Surmesur.

Surmesur was founded by two brothers, Francois and Vincent Theriault in their basement in Quebec more than seven years ago and now has 100 employees.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette