Apple’s proprietary pizza box aims to rid your life of soggy crusts


With Apple’s long under construction spaceship campus opening up to some employees, Wired got an early look at the elaborate high-tech building.

While the publication’s feature is a fascinating look at the office of one of the world’s most influential tech companies — it includes anecdotes related to rain not streaking on glass or the facility utilizing water cooling because Steve Jobs hated fans — it also includes a standout detail regarding Apple inventing its own pizza box for the company’s cafeterias.

As you may have expected, some writers covered this tidbit of information in a very serious tone, while others — myself included — opted to take a more lighthearted look at the future of the pizza box. According to Wired’s story, this proprietary Apple pizza box has been specially designed to allow Apple employees to take pizza from the cafeteria back to their desks.

The company’s main innovation in the burgeoning pizza box space is a series of holes in the lid of the container that allows air to escape, aiding in avoiding sogginess in the delicacies’ crust.

The Guardian took things a step further and engaged in investigative journalism, digging up a tweet showing a pizza box signed by Apple employees following Jobs’ death.

This story, however, takes an interesting twist. It turns out this pizza box patent isn’t actually new and that Apple has been using it in its existing campuses since 2010.

Furthermore, the patent lists Frencesco Longoni, the head of Apple’s food services team, as the pizza boxes inventor. It’s unclear if Apple plans to eventually sell its pizza boxes in Apple Stores.

Source: The Guardian