Facebook teams up with notable Canadians to make customized Canada 150 Messenger frames

face book frames Canada 150

Facebook has teamed up with a few Canadians to showcase this great country during its 150th birthday.

Now, these aren’t the typical frames we’ve seen on Facebook Messenger in the past, these camera frames embody Canadian heritage, personality and national pride of the Canadians who made them. Facebook worked with 9 notable Canadians, including lifestyle blogger Cara Ariane Wittich, Olympic Skiers Justine, Maxime and Chloe Lapointe and more.

The camera frames will be available starting today. Currently, there is no word on when the frames expire. So use them while you can. The full list of Canadians participating can be found below.

  • Ashley Callingbull (Alberta) – actress, motivational speaker and the first First Nations Miss Canada
  • Dufour Lapointe Sisters – Justine, Maxime and Chloe (Quebec) – Olympic skiers
  • Jennifer Zhang (British Columbia) – DIY and lifestyle vlogger
  • Hanan Tehaili (Ontario) – fashion and beauty blogger
  • Cara Ariane Wittich (Nova Scotia) – feminine lifestyle blogger
  • Bryan Maynard (Prince Edward Island) – farmer and photographer

Using the frames is pretty simple, just follow these few steps,

1. Open Messenger and click on the circular button at the bottom of your screen to open the Messenger camera
2. Select the smiley face icon in the top right corner
3. Scroll down to the “Canada 150” section
4. Select the frame you want to use and snap a photo

Give them a try and share Candian culture with everyone.