Plan your summer vacation with Kayak [App of the Week]

Kayak app on an iPhone

It’s now officially summer 2017, and with that comes vacation planning. To do that, the Kayak app has got you covered, pulling in flight, hotel and car rental information from hundreds of sources to make booking your travels as easy possible.

You can select one-way, round-trip or multi-city flights, using filters to see what’s cheapest, quickest or earliest. For hotels, you can search through a variety filters, including price, name, location, amenities and even ambience (“romantic,” “beach,” or “boutique,” for example).

Kayak app flight booking

Finally, for cars, you can make selections using such filters as car type, rental agency and design (by number of doors, convertible, automatic/manual transmission, etc.) You can even type in designated emoji to bring up select cities, such as a ‘maple leaf’ for Toronto.

Once you want to make a booking, Kayak will open the respective site in-app, so you thankfully don’t have to go back and forth between your phone’s browser and the app. Conveniently, there is also phone icon underneath each specific travel method, giving you a direct way to contact companies should you need any assistance. Once booked, travel and tracking information will be available in-app.

Kayak app hotel and car rental

While I’ll likely use Kayak on my laptop to finalize booking, I like that I can browse and narrow down specific choices in the app, which makes the overall process much simpler. Kayak’s mobile and desktop versions both being under one unified account certainly helps streamline everything, as well. Note: signing up for an account can give you hotel deals of up to 35 percent off.

The Kayak app is available as a free download on iOS and Android devices.