Qualcomm files new lawsuit against Apple to ban iPhone imports and sales

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Qualcomm has filed a new lawsuit against Apple, asking U.S. trade regulators to ban the import and sales of iPhones.

According to Qualcomm, Apple has allegedly infringed on six patents that improve iPhone battery life, which the Cupertino-based tech giant must pay for.

“Apple continues to use Qualcomm’s technology while refusing to pay for it,” Don Rosenberg, executive vice president and general counsel of Qualcomm, said in a statement.

It’s not currently clear how many iPhones would be affected by such a ruling.

“We believe deeply in the value of intellectual property but we shouldn’t have to pay them for technology breakthroughs they have nothing to do with,” Apple said in response. “We’ve always been willing to pay a fair rate for standard technology used in our products and since they’ve refused to negotiate reasonable terms we’re asking the courts for help.”

Qualcomm made a similar attempt at banning iPhone sales with a lawsuit back in May.

The two tech giants have been at war for the better part of 2017, with Qualcomm first suing Apple for approximately $1 billion USD in late January.