RunPee tells you the best time to take a bathroom break at the movies [App of the Week]


With all of the movies releasing this summer and the subsequent snacks that can be purchased at theatres, including copious amounts of soda, there’s a likelihood you might need to use the washroom.

However, it’s difficult to know exactly when the best time to take a trip to the bathroom is if you’re watching a movie you’ve never seen the movie. RunPee, developed by polyGeek, is the perfect application to help movie watchers ensure they use the washroom at the perfect time.

After downloading the application, eight pages are displayed highlighting tips and facts about the app (you can also easily skip this section). Next, there’s a list of movies currently available at the theatres, as well as those that have recently played. The movies are sorted by their release date, but also can be searched for and located alphabetically.


After clicking on a movie, the application gives you information regarding the appropriate ‘pee times’ for the film. For example, with Spider-man: Homecoming, the app says it’s, “definitely a hard movie to find good RunPee for, but I managed to pick out two. Both are good, but the first one is just a little better.” Following the description and the movie length, the page features a timer. Users are required to start the timer when the logo turns on, and the device will vibrate when it reaches a pee time.

Going back to the main page, RunPee tells you when the two pee times are and the in-movie quotes leading up to them. It also provides a detailed synopsis of what you missed after going to the bathroom.


Lastly, the page notifies movie watchers if the film they’re viewing has a special sequence during or after the credits.

The app features more than 1220 movies in its database that goes back a number of years. RunPee is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play.