Poll: What will Google name Android O?

Android O

Rumours and leaks are circulating about the still unannounced Google Pixel XL 2 — though weirdly enough, nothing has leaked about the smaller Pixel. As of right now Google also hasn’t announced the name for the latest version of its Android operating system, currently called Android O.

Last year Google announced the name for Android N on June 30th. While we hoped we’d learn the name of the newest version of the operating system around the same time, it’s possible Google plans to leave us in suspense even longer. In 2015, Google waited until August 17th before unveiling the name for Android M, and the year before, Android L’s name wasn’t revealed until October 14th.

Even going back to KitKat, before the California-based company changed Android’s bottom navigation icons to the triangle, circle and square that most Android users have grown accustomed to, the name of the OS wasn’t showcased until September 3rd.

Keeping the past in mind, it’s evident that we can’t really accurately predict when the final name for Android O will be unveiled.

The company has only ever used sweet treats as a way to name operating systems and Android O most likely won’t be any different. My bet is that Alphabet’s subsidiary will name the OS Android Orangesicle or Orange creamsicle, but what do you think Android O’s final name will be?

Let us know in the poll below, as well as in the comment section.