Razer and Nexbit are reportedly working on a high-end mobile gaming device

Nextbit's first and only smartphone, the Robin

Robin creator Nextbit, which was acquired by Razer earlier this year, is reportedly working on a new mobile device targeted at “hardcore gamers,” according to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg doesn’t provide specifics on the upcoming device, nor does it mention whether it’s a smartphone or tablet. However, it’s likely safe to presume, based on Razer’s pedigree, that the company will market the resulting device toward affluent gamers. We also don’t know if it will run Android.

That said, when Razer acquired Nextbit, all of the company’s employees, including co-founders Tom Moss and Mike Chan, two prominent figures in the early history of Android, as well as former HTC design chief Scott Croyle, the man responsible for the design of the One M8, became Razer employees. Given Nextbit’s history with Android, the operating system seems like a good match for any project they may be working on.

As for how Razer plans to compete with the likes of Samsung, Google and Apple, the company reportedly plans to complete an initial public offering (IPO) later this year. According to Bloomberg, Razer is seeking a $3 billion to $5 billion valuation, which would give the company a significant amount of runway with which to develop a smartphone or tablet offering.

Razer manufactures a variety of PC gaming peripherals and accessories like mice and mouse pads. The company also sells its a line of gaming laptops.

Source: Bloomberg Via: Android Authority