Toronto-based Wattpad adds original curated content to Tap chat storytelling app

Tap App Originals

Toronto’s Wattpad has announced that its Tap app for chat-based storytelling will be receiving Tap Originals, unique and curated content from “top-tier writers.” The app features interactive stories that can be uncovered by tapping through the app, all the while incorporating video, sound, images and more.

Wattpad Tap app

Originals will come from a variety of genres, including suspense, horror and drama, as well as select stories releasing episodically.  Wattpad says Originals will be free for all Tap users. To date, Wattpad says nearly 2 billion taps across 300,000 stories have been made on the app.

Little has been revealed about the new Originals outside of the following descriptions:

The New Wife — “Until death do us part, but then the messages begin.”

MOLLY: The Returned — “Sometimes, it’s the sweet ones that are rotten to the core.”

HIDE: No Way Out — “You can run, Mommy. But you can’t hide.”

Tap can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.