LG V30 to reportedly launch across the globe on September 28

LG V30

LG will release the V30, its next flagship smartphone, in late September, according to an internal document obtained by Android Authority.

The document, obtained from an “exclusive source,” indicates LG will, following a similar strategy to the one it used during the G6’s launch, first release the V30 in its native South Korea on September 15th. The company will then open V30 pre-orders to U.S. consumers on September 17th and then start officially selling the new smartphone on September 28th.

The documents goes on to state the V30 will launch globally on September 28th. While Android Authority doesn’t mention a Canadian release date, it’s likely, based on the G6’s release schedule, LG will start selling the V30 here in Canada in or around the same the company launches the phone in the U.S.

We’ll find out more about LG’s V30 release plans on August 31st when the company unveils the phone at its IFA Berlin keynote.

Source: Android Authority