Public Mobile offers bonus data on 90-day LTE promo plans

Public Mobile's new promo provides data bonuses on 90-day LTE plans

Public Mobile

Public Mobile has added data bonuses to its 90-day LTE plans for new and existing customers.

The three 4G LTE options on offer — 3GB, 6GB and 12GB — are being given an additional data boost of 3GB, 3GB and 6GB respectively. That means a 90-day plan with unlimited nationwide calling, global text and 6GB of data is currently $165, or $55 per month.

This comes about a month after the Telus flanker brand debuted its new 3G service tier with accompanying data bonuses. The carrier received significant negative feedback for the change due to a simultaneous increase in the pricing of 4G plans.

These new promo offers have launched to positive reception from most of the brand’s online community, though some remain discontented, stating that prices have still risen overall.

In an accompanying blog post on the company’s community forums, Public’s team notes that the promotional data offer is available for a limited time only, and that, once an end date is communicated, it will be the last day for customers to activate on these plans.

Update 02/08/17: The title of this article has been edited for clarity.

Source: Public Mobile