BC’s first two highway rest areas with free Wi-Fi are now live

highway rest area

The Britton Creek and Glacier View highway rest areas in British Columbia are the first in the province to offer free Wi-Fi.

Britton Creek is found off of the Coquihalla Highway while Glacier View is on Highway 16.

British Columbia is looking to install free Wi-Fi at a variety of rest areas before the end of 2017 through a partnership with the province, Telus and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).

Here is the full list of rest areas receiving free Wi-Fi:

  • Britton Creek, Highway 5 – 67 km south of Merritt
  • Glacier View, Highway 16 – 7 km north of Smithers
  • Taylor River, Highway 4 –  37 km west of Port Alberni
  • Galena Bay, Highway 23 – 49 km north of Nakusp
  • Mount Terry Fox, Highway 16 – 6 km east of Tete Jaune
  • Loon Lake, Highway 97C – 40 km east of Merritt

Travelers will be able to figure out which rest areas have Wi-Fi by seeing the graphic on rest area signs.

The province states in an accompanying release that the free Wi-Fi is partially an incentive for drivers to pull over when using their smartphone, rather than drive distracted while using their data.

Source: Government of BC

Image credit: DanTD via Wikimedia